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If you are looking to make new friends you have come to the right place.

A place where you get to know and meet people from all over the world. This web site is an online Free chat room available in flash and html requiring no download, no setup & no registration and the best part its absolutely FREE.

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We assure you this site is secure safe and a fun place to be in. We let our users decide for themselves what’s best for them. Participate for free, or register for advanced features and chat with others in real time.

Chatchattin is supported on mobile platforms too, so you get to use it whenever and wherever you go. You can also use our free android app.
In the end We would just like to say Be Yourself, Be Friendly and have Fun !!




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Rules / Notes
Here is a list of the specific rules and guidelines that you must follow in order to use the Chatchattin chat room. Read through them carefully and respect them in order to avoid getting banned.
1. Since we want to make sure that all of the users in the room are not abusers or advertisers, please make sure that you only use the chat room if you are in fact here to chat.
2. If we find out that you are promoting your site or abusing you will get ban from the chat room.
3. Respect is mutual and therefore it is important that you are respectful to all your fellow users.
4. If you do not find the person you are chatting with attractive, kindly be polite and you can avoid them if you want to by clicking on the ignore option. Being rude or insulting them will get you banned.
5. You must stay on topic when using the Chatchattin chat room. Talking about anything unrelated will get you banned for the chat room.
6. Most of the users in the chat room are searching for love. If you are single, but you aren’t looking for a relationship, please convey it to them in a polite manner.
7. This chat room has no age restriction it is an open and free forum for people of any age group.Hope you are convince with the above rules. If not, You’re always welcome to come and discuss it with our Chatchattin team. For further information or queries please mail us.

Smiley Chat Room

Smiley Chat Room